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Setting uses for Maha battery charger

I just bought one of the Maha battery chargers on a heap of imedion AA's


After reading Phil's (acropolites) threads-thanks Phil
I bought this set up to supply AA's to my trail cameras.I take it many here use the same for flashes etc.

What settings do most here use on the charger,and what are some things to be aware off? I've never used such an an advanced one before,I've had the basic eneloops and their basic charger-batteries would last me over two years on it.This new set up should be even better.Thanks for any tips.
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I use one of those to charge my Turnigy LSD NiMH batteries (Very similar to Eneloop; available from Hobbyking).

The called "smart chargers" have a chip to monitor the batteries voltage and temperature as it charges. As such they're safe to charge NiMH at 0.5-1C. The term "C" in batteries is basically the mAh rating.

So, if you have a 2200mAh battery, charge it between 1100mA and 2200 mAh. I usually go 1500mA for no particular reason.

Things to watch are:

1. Take batteries out of the charger when they're charged (after the charge is complete the charger switches to a low trickle, so leaving them in for more than a day or so does damage them).

2. If you put AAA batteries in them, note their lower capacity (i.e. 800mAh) requires that you lower the charge rate from the default (1000mAh on mine).

3. NiMH batteries much prefer this fast charging approach to the more typical trickle charge.

It's a great charger. Since I switched to the Maha and LSD batteries, I've never had to throw a battery out.
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Use the break-in mode to charge any new batteries (actually its handy for rejuvenating old "unchargable" batteries too. The break-in mode will take a few days to run and when its finished press the slot button to cycle through each battery slot and read the capacity (MAH value) of each cell battery from the display. Write this value with permanent marker on each battery then use them in "sets" of similar values for better performance and to balance the stress on the batteries.

The charge and discharge rates you can think of similarly to fast charging and high performance (discharge) usage. Higher values will stress the battery but will be quicker to charge/discharge than a lower value. I usually just run a slow discharge then a slow charge.

Batteries will change their performance over time, including how much capacity they have so periodically run a longer Refresh Analyze with them to see if they are still holding the capacity they should. Re-evaluate your battery sets to try to keep similar capacities together. Depending on usage you should also rerun the break-in every few dozen cycles of the batteries just to give it them thorough going over and help bring them back to their best performance.

If you're only using batteries in your TV remote the MAHA is probably overkill and not much benefit to you. However in applications where the batteries are under high load and get drained fast its more important to keep the batteries in good working order and in balanced sets.

If you have any older batteries your existing charger won't charge anymore the break-in mode on the MAHA may recondition some to be usable again but if the MAHA says its dead then chuck em.
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