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A Question of data

When you think your data is crap maybe it isn't.

I was all ready to dump nearly 2 hrs of data collected on M30, in fact I did but lucky it was still sitting in the "trash can" and I was able to restore it.

(make sure you set trash can to only empty on command)

I originally collected 10 frames of 2 minutes each, 12 of 5 minutes and 3 of 10 minutes, I also collected 40 flats although these turned out to be useless.

I stacked all the frames togethor using DSS however the end result was a stacked image with terrible gradient (looked like a ring around the target) that I could not remove in PS, no matter what.

When using a QHY8 OSC I've found that the longer the exposures the better and often short exposures even 2 minute ones unbinned just don't cut it unless the object is fairly bright.

I ended up not using the 2 minute subs and only stacked the 5 and 10 minute ones in DSS with no flats, a few darks and some bias frame, the end result after processing in PS was quite acceptable.

So if you think the data is crap maybe it isn't and justs needs to be manipulated differently, so remember to try all your options.

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