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A question of scale

I'm thinking of cameras for narrowfield imaging and would appreciate some info about the various options. 1.25" filters are the go and it would be used in either an ED80, ED100 or an 8" SCT. I guess the options are the 1.4 and 2 Mpixel cameras - Starlight express, SBig, Atik or Qhy. So what would the suggestions be?
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I would be thinking sbig NABG cameras (st7,8,10), because of higher sensitivity, and they work with 1.25 filters.
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Sony sensors are easier to manage than sbig kodak chips for learning. Sony sensors are normally ABG (anti blooming gate) sensors and need minimal cal files due to the low noise. NABG kodak sensors are a pain in the rear. You need a full cal library and need to know what your doing to avoid vertical streaks from stars.
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