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Digital Camera's

Hats off to anyone modifying a digital SLR however don't attempt to take apart a slimline digital camera.

I did to see if I could use it as an AVI capture device, stupid me I should have asked someone first, although it was an old 2 megapixel camera I no longer used so it didn't really matter in the end.

I wanted to remove the lens but alas no can do as the lens assembly and CCD holder are molded into one piece with little servo's etc for zoom and focusing, boy did I get a kick when I touched the flash capacitor twice by accident, I soon took that off.

These cameras are amazing pieces of technology and complexity the amount of mechanical and electronics crammed in. If I had a schematic I would have been able to get it back togethor but after breaking a couple of ribbon cables it didn't matter I tossed the lot in the bin.

It may be easier just to buy a Phillips Toucam.

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Fine attempt Trevor, now you have been inside one of these marvels of technology you have learned.

It is the risk we take, as i did with the Canon 5d, that exercise worked at treat and now have a great functioning modded 5d.

Keep at it mate, it's a fun experience.

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i dont have the ba.... uhh.. courage to pull a dslr apart to modify it... no chance in the world...

Hats off to Leon, as he didnt mod a cheapy 300/350D, he went the whole hog and dismantled a $2k+ DSLR.... you must have ba... courage the size of king kongs'

Shame about the cam Trevor, had it worked, a 2mp capture device would make a nice planetary imaging setup thats for sure
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Alex, I had my reservations, trust me, but now that I have done it twice, it really isn't that hard, if you follow the instructions very carefully and take your time.

It is however something you don't want to do while watching telly

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need advise

Hi every one, I'm just getting back into scopes and I have a nice LX90, 8"SCT. I would like to have a go at taking a photo or two using a digital camera which I am about to purchase.
Could some one recomend a reasonable digital camera and for what reason, also how do you attach one. Tony
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Hi Tony,
Don't have a DSLR myself, but I get the overwhelming impression that Cannon is the go.
Now you know the brand... which model?...
You'll see in these Forums many-a-mention of 450D, 400D, 350D, 40D etc etc etc, the only limit really is your budget. The smaller the model number, the more expensive, from a few hundred to a few thousand.
Now for the experienced to respond.....
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