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Astro 5D MkII

Hi all,
Central DS are now producing a cooled (28 below ambient!!) 5D MkII.
Too expensive for me...$5840USD
For that $$$ I'm sure a CCD like the Atik 1100 would be much more the go.


Bloody nice though!!!!

Sweet Dreams


ps...Central DS are doing a deal on a user-supplied 5D MkII cooling mod for $2150US till 30.9.10 - I'm allowed to refer 1 other (as well as myself...I wish!) for this deal. If anyone wants a 'referal' let me know and I'll pass on your details to Yun.
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Recent experiences with QSI583

5k US is a hefty chunk of cash. For people who use the DSR for daytime too of course, the 5D is quite a camera.

Recently I went full CCD with the Qsi583ws which has the same chip as the SBIG 8300. This is quite a bit cheaper than the 5D but of course only for AstroPhotography. Non filter wheel version about 3k US. I have found the ability to set the CCD temperature and know it is quite regulated to be handy to avoid issues with real dew-laden nights. Also very much like the built in filter wheel which if you take flats the slight vignetting is not an issue (my lens is f/2.8 is why the vignetting).

I completely love it and have started with some autoguided widefield which makes it to www.astrospotter.zenfolio.com if they are presentable enough to make the grade.

The beauty here is I put my Canon 200mm f/2.8 on it (with an adapter) to take advantage of some nice Canon lenses I have. I get a 5.3 x 4 degree field. I like the results. The far corners are still acceptable even at f 2.8. I don't stop it down cause any stop down gives those 8-point stars that I hate. I will be trying the round homemade mask for stop down next month.

After I feel ok with this I will hook the thing up to my Williams Optics FLT110 but need to get a very firm mount before I mess with that.
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the offer as it was sent to me

Hello Sir,

CentralDS developed cooled 5D Mark II , it's the world first Full Frame cooled DSLR.

More Light weight cooling module and silience cooling fan applied. But he cooling perforance is 150% than our former models and cool down Ambient temp -28℃.

We are presenting a Cooled 5D Mark II special promotion for the customers.
It's allowed only 1 set modification per one person. and you can recommend us the other 1 person who hope to get this opportunity.


Cooling modification service
User supplied 5D Mark II-> Cooled 5D Mark II ................listed price USD3180.00 -> special price for you is USD 2,150.00 + shipping
= EUR 1,679.00 + shipping

1.Digital thermomether offered.
2.Connection cable for Power & Digital thermomether offered.
3.1 year CentralDS warranty about cooling modified parts/ 1month warranty about original canon parts.

**You can extend this to 1 year full warranty by writing a technical review.
4.Delivery: about 6week from camera arrival to us.

5.Payment: Wire-transfer or Paypal after modification.

5.This promotion is valid for September 30, 2010. Hurry,


If you decide to modify your 5D mark II to cooled DSLR by us, Please send an email to us within September 30.

And We'll inform you the future order progress.

Best regards,

Yun Lee

3F, 20-3 YongDu-Dong Jung-Gu,
DaeJeon City, South Korea
tel: +82-42-321-5862 fax:+82-42-253-5065
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Very nice indeed, hefty price tag but it should produce some stunning images.

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