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portable SLR tripods - any suggestions

I am after a portable photographic tripod that will take some weight (camera battery packs and large lens) but be reasonable with its own weight. Looking for pro's and Cons, open to brands like manfrotto (looking at the 055bpro), benro, etc. I dont do macro shots, but needs to be sturdy for some astro work (backup) for timelapse and widefields etc. PS i have a wedding to do soon so need to get it soon.
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I've got the 055BPro with 488RC2 ballhead for my standard tripod. This is by far the most recommended on POTN as the base level tripod/head combo. Strong and sturdy enough for all of my gear. Good quality. Not light, though. I have hiked with it, but not often. Certainly wouldn't travel with it again.

You know the saying with tripods? The 3 key features are cheap, sturdy, and light. You can pick any 2 of those, but you won't get one with all 3.

For travel I have a graphite Benro Travel Angel and an eBay 486RC2 knockoff. Folds up small enough to throw in bag, and light. Not anywhere near as sturdy as the above combo. But it's better than those silly gorillapods for DSLRs.
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Just a tip regarding heads, if you are looking at a pan and tilt head, check how far the head can be moved in each direction.
I went with a 804RC2 not realising that the head would only move from -90 to +30 degrees from horizontal. Mounting the camera backwards on the head allows the camera to point directly up, however it's a little impractical at times.
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A gitzo traveler is probably a great idea for a portable tripod.
The manfrotto 55 is solid but heavy, I have one.
About the head manfrotto has now a new line of ball heads with friction control, thatīs very nice to adjust your camera-lens weight and have fluid movements. I think the new model is 494.
I donīt recommend the RC2 system, with a big lens itīs a little unstable, the RC4 plate is much better in my opinion.
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I was bought up with the connotation that bigger and stiffer is better, certainly with respect to tripods.
I have a Benbo 1 and it shot many a wedding. Not light but strong as.
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Highly portable tripod

Have you looked at the Joby gorillapods? They have one that is rated to take 5kg(hopefully my father's day present).These babys ,although short, wrap around things and weigh almost nothing for when compactness is paramount. There are ,of course, cheap copies, but I would not trust a cheapie for an expensive rig. Hope to use one when on holidays for those milky way panoramas with appropriate foregrounds.
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oh well i thought i would try a slik 700dx and for good measure a benro A- 457 tripod with a KB3 ball mount (i already have two of these balls). Thanks for the interest
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have a couple of old slik's & they are nice & sturdy
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