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Nice night, well almost!

Cold and still down here, seeing just about perfect. Unfortunately transparency was pretty average so anything fainter than mag 12.5 as far as galaxies were concerned were nearly impossible without serious averted vision.
On the plus side the seeing meant Saturn was BRILLIANT!!! Cassini div claer all the way round, crepe ring easy, bands on the planet and the dark "hexagon" at the pole was a conch. Even Enckes div popped up a couple of times. It took 254x easy and could have handled much more.
Had a look at Eta Car and the Homonculous was as clear as I have ever seen it. Both lobes nice and bright with lots of structure.
Ghost of Jupiter was stunning. Clear inner ring with the cent * sitting theres steady as a rock with the outer halo glowing softly.

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it was a beautiful night last night even in melbourne no wind at all but the seeing was awful, like a constant haze, I gave up and went to bed.
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Sounds good Malcolm. Saturn is a treat this year - I don't think I'll ever forget the view of it through your scope at SV in March.
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