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Taking a pic, First Time

Hi All,
Last night I set up my camera for the first time, since i purchased it, I did a quick focus and pointed it to NGC 2070,
I took a couple of 60s shots.

As I said not a good focus just enough to give me something to play around with on the pc,

I am very new to CCD astro Photography, the question I have is How do I get this image in color, I have a QHY10, 4 gain 125 bios, captured with EZCap, but thats where my info ends, , I save the image to the desktop, but when i open it its in B/W is there something i am not doing.

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How did you stack the photos?
And did you set it to debater the image?
It's a bit tricky sometimes with all the different software.
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Get Deep Sky Stacker

the image is in Raw for a start so you need to De Bayer it (split it into its components RGGB i believe the bayer matrix is.

In deep sky stacker you have to tell it that the FIT files that you have taken (the ones you would have saved to) are a colour image that needs to be debayerd once that is done you can then stack them and then move onto the processing phase.
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