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Obs Report and Sketch 25/26-10-10

Hi everyone,

Its been a long time since I have done any deep sky observing because of the Moon.This time though the moon was rising a little bit later on both evenings.

Monday night it was clear and I decided to do some observing.The telescope used was as usual my 130mm reflector with various eps.Conditions were clear so good transparency and quite good seeing.This also gave me a chance to observe the Grus quartet from the October obs challenge.

Jupiter- Jupiter like a beacon in the sky was like a magnet and as usual ended being the first thing I observed.I could see considerable detail on jupiter with band variations with darkening at the pole and a hint of wiggliness in the NEB.One thing i really enjoyed about jupiter was not actually jupiter itself but its moons it was the first time I noticed the satellites as discs and at 300x they looked awesome with me being able to discern different apparent sizes and colors which was lots of fun.

Grus quartet-After a bit of searching around i noticed a grouping of faint like wisps of light. after a while i was able to discern all 4.In the close grouping of the 3 ,2 where elongated and the third circular.the one furthest out and next to a bright star was one of my favorites being reasonably bright and elongated .This reminded me of my great time observing the leo triplet and I enjoyed this cluster very much.

M15-I couldn't believe my eyes when I had successfully observed m15 with my naked eye clearly.It being mag 6.Using my new 9mm Tmb (100x) on M15 it looked absolutely amazing being almost completely resolved.(ON the 26th i did a sketch of this glob(attached) aswell as seeing some old faves.)

47tuc-Since m15 was so good I decided to have a go at 47 tucanae.It was simply awesome showing much the same detail of m15 just bigger and dare i say better than omega centauri.It was very well framed at 100x mag in the 9mm.

I had 2 awesome nights of viewing,
hope you like my sketch
cheers orestis
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Nice report and fine sketch
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Great report and terrific sketch! It looks likes 3D!
Keep up the good work!

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Fine work, Orestis.

Your seeing the Grus cluster is confirmation that a small scope in good hands is a very capable instrument.

Tackleing a GC in a sketch is mighty brave. Sharp pencil and light touch a must. That's what I see here.

Any chance you and your old man would be able to come to Katoomba Airfield on November 6? If the sky is good, you might like to have a squiz through some other scopes.
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You are certainly doing some fine observing, Orestis. To be able to seem so much detail including the galilean moons as discs with such a modest scope is very impressive.

Now to your sketch - absolutely brilliant. You've set the standard and thrown down the gauntlet to those of us who've baulked at sketching GCs.

And I agree - 47 Tuc is better than Omega Cent.
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Thanks guys,

Its great to be having a few good nights under a clear night sky again.

Paddy-Seeing you guys talking about sketching globs,inspired me to try it out for myself.With this Glob I just smudged in a background haze and then semi-randomly placed the granulation noting how it got thinner the further you went out. ofcourse this isn't very accurate but it shows a close image of what i saw.

Clear skies to all
cheers orestis
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Nice report, always an interesting read. Good sketch too, good technique to represent a GC.
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Great report Orestis!
I see those TMB's are working mighty fine for you. Good glass really does make a difference doesn't it. You are have got such great observatonal skills, keep up the good work.

Regarding your sketch, wow, it is a beauty, and I'm with the others when I say, whoa you are brave! And succeeded beautifully!
I agree, I much prefer 47 Tuc to Omega Centauri. It's, well... prettier!
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Nice job on that sketch Orestis On 47 Tuc, did you notice that the core appears yellowish and the outer regions blue? I seem to get that effect at low power.
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Thanks guys,

Sab,i really didn't realise that I'll try next time.

Regards orestis
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