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70mm refractor - some doubles in Tuc+Ind

6 December 2008 local time +10.5 to UT, quarter moon

Telescope is 70mm Skywatcher with the 25mm Plossl (36x), 15mm GSO (60x), 10mm basic (90x) and 6mm Plossl (150x).

Seeing around 5 or so.

Beta Tuc 2115 local time
2 equal white stars with a third (white) to one side, an attractive group, easy to separate.

COO 3 2125 local time
Maybe saw it fleeting with 60x in and out, greenish and close. Consultation with CNebulaX, Ciel and StarCalc indicates most likely saw it and stars to about 11th magnitude.
Documented: Magnitudes 6.3 & 8.0 separated by 2.3"

47 Tuc 2150 local time
This globular cluster is always fantastic and looks motley at 60x.

Lambda 1 Tuc 2200 local time
Wide pair, almost equal with brighter star nearby. The pair seem to be white and yellow.
Documented: Magnitudes 6.7 & 7.4 separated by 20"

Kappa Tuc 2200 local time
Close pair split at 60x, magnitude difference gives yellow/white primary and blue/green secondary. Wind causes stability issues. 90x gives yellow and blue. A nice double other stars frame the view and there is a third star that is part of the system and somewhat distant and easy to see.
Documented: Magnitude 5.0 & 7.7 separated by 5", 5.0 & 7.9 separated by 320".

HJ3436 2215 local time
Yellow and green split at 150x, not 60x (hint but...). The pair is alone in the FOV and took a while to confirm seeing the right location. Sketch of orientation is correct indicating saw it.
Documented: Magnitudes 6.4 & 8.3 at 2.4" (probably more like 3").

Delta Tuc 2220 local time
White and close faint blue companion, clouds coming over making it hard. 60x is close, 90x and 150x make clearer although increasing cloud cover makes difficult.
Documented: Magnitudes 4.5 & 8.7 at 7".

HJ5361 2230 local time
60x shows, but fleeting, 90x gets better and 150x better still but still not obvious all the time - could be a cloud factor. Not sure about the PA being correct?
Documented: Magnitudes 6.5 & 10.8 at 81".

Dun 247 2245 local time
Wide easy pair fairly lonely, lots of cloud makes hard.
Documented: Magnitudes 6.9 & 8.2 at 50".

7 December 2008 local time +10.5 to UT, large moon

Telescope is 70mm Skywatcher with the 25mm Plossl, 15mm GSO, 10mm basic and 6mm Plossl.

Seeing very poor and breeze makes for shakes.

Theta Ind 2245 local time
Easy split with 60x, nice pair pale yellow and levi-jeans blue; unequal but not too dissimilar, close pair.
Documented: Magnitudes 4.5 & 6.9 at 7".

I130 2255 local time
Unable to resolve at all at 60x, 90x or 150x; seeing does not support beyond 60x too well. Pretty sure found the right star matches field as from Tri-Atlas B series maps.
Documented: Magnitudes 7.2 & 9.9 at 3.3".

JC25 2300 local time
Easy to find and see, 3 stars wide apart with slight variations in brightness, all similar colour. Faint stars in the field.
Documented: Magnitudes 6.5 & 6.9 at 152"(!); 6.5 & 7.5 at 187"(!).
Stars to about magnitude 10.7 or so seen.

Had a quick look at Epsilon Ind, a star very similar to our own Sun to see how non-descript it really is.
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A good report

Hi Coen,

I only just saw that you had these observing reports here of the pairs and other things. Well done mate in taking a look at these obscure pairs -- a good report.

Yes, Isn't Epsilon Indi an interesting star? Not really Sun-like -- it is a classical but young orange dwarf only about 15-20% as luminous as the Sun. It might be the least luminous single star visible to the unaided eye.

Thanks mate!


Les D
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Thanks fo the correction. I'll need to get back to the habit of checking more than one independent source for information Did not in this case oops!
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