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DSLR White Balance for Astrophotography

Hi All,

I was just wondering if there was a preffered setting or temperature to set the white balance to for taking wide field astrophoto's, and can it vary depending on the target object?
I tried a couple of different preset options on my Nikon when I was taking pictures of comet McNaught, but the Auto setting seemed to do the best job on that occasion.
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I am leaning towards Tubgsten and Flouresent when shooting, with the light pollution it makes the sky a little more natural looking. I tried a series of 15 second shots and changed the white balance on it. Give it a try, your sky may differ slightly. Or read up on setting your own custom white balance..
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I always use Auto, but as long as they're taken in RAW the colour temperature can be changed later in your post-processing software of choice.
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With the Canon, most people recommend the standard Daylight setting for the White Balance for astrophotography, you will need to make a Custom Setting with a Grey Card if the camera is modified at all.

All my pictures have been done with the Daylight setting with no adverse affects.


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Thanks for the replies.
I thought someone might have been able to give an exact temperature with some scientific reasoning behind it, but what you guys have said is about what I thought and it's good enough for me!
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