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Autoguiding - noisy RA trace on G11G setup.


I wonder if I have a problem with my mount, what I am seeing during autoguiding is a large number of spikes on the RA trace. I thought it might be seeing/centroiding error but the same issue is not present on the DE trace (see image).

The size of the problem is about +/- 2" and it does lead to out of round stars sometimes.

The mount is a Losmandy G11G and it is not overloaded (carries an ED127 and a WO66SD). I have offset the balance so the mount is heavy on the E side so it should not be backlash.

If this is drive based noise where do I start looking - gearbox, worm? The mount is about 2 years old.
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When was the last time you've serviced it? Sikes are likely to be stiction especially with a light load. Worm/Gear or Bearing grease or clutch discs.
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