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Hyperstar & WO FF IV arrived today

Not into H's league yet with the SBIG, good on you mate.

Anyway, I've got a week or so of playing around with these two new bits, The Hyperstar obviously for my C8, and the WO FF IV for my Megrez 80II triplet, both to be used with a plain vanilla QHY8 until I upgrade to a QHY8 Pro for the hyperstar.

I don't see myself in the market for a heavier camera + filter for some time. ( I would kinda like to learn Ha + OSC).

My question is this: Everything else in my obs is now capable of remote control from the house via Remote Desktop. I would like to upgrade the Megrez focuser to a motorised one as well, for indoor control via my FCUSB controller.

So what would be a reasonably economical approach to motorizing the Megrez? FT, Moonlight, DIY?
(I've done some DIY motor focusers for GSO gear, they seemed OK, but perhaps a little better would be good for the Megrez).
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How about a JMI retrofit - http://www.jimsmobile.com/data_gso_wo.htm

I've got one on my Meade series 5000 ED80 and it works well.
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Nice - will be interested to see first light on both as I went the exact same way. Sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. The HS is a dream come true. Not even time to go for a cuppa though. It happens too fast.
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Peter - Thanks for the advice, the little motofocuser looks like the way to go.

Your past comments put me on the path to the HS, I'll keep you up to date on my progress, clouds permitting. BTW, our setups are very similar, SCT, 80ED and f5 Newt + MPCC, mounted as required on an EQ6 with ADM SBS.

All I need now is some ability! Still looking for that dealer on the web though, stock seems quite limited

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