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My apology It just gets me when I read about glass types being quoted and then its implied that FPL53 or similar is the only way to get near color free images. Glass quality, mating elements, design objectives (cost) all come into play. Slinks away Mark
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Originally Posted by gts055 View Post
Glass quality, mating elements, design objectives (cost) all come into play.
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Hi Andrew,

I did the focusing initially using FWHM and Half Flux Diameter, and then did the long and tedious photo by photo inspections for every 1/8 turn of the fine focuser knob. I went backwards and forwards over the in focus area well over a dozen times and took over 180 photos, very painful. But couldn't find a point that that produced pin point stars without a halo.

I'll also give the fee version of CCD inspector a go and see what it determines (thanks for that Greg).

I did contact AOE and full credit to them that they are more than happy to replace my current scope or to exchange it for a Saxon ED80. They were also surprised CA had occurred with that particular scope.

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Yeah I have also found AOE very good to deal with. Sounds like you should just swap it for the saxon. Maybe spend the $200 on upgrading to a nicer focuser or something else you want.
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