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are astrodons worth it?

Hi y'all, I have baader narrow band filters and image from Bortle 6 mainly skies with an 8300 mono sensor for narrow band.
I can rarely dedicate more than 2-5 nights a month to this hobby and even then it's at the loss of work nights sleep usually.
Q. Would I gain any really significant advantage in forking out for narrower or more expensive filters when my ambition is make nice pics and not win prizes?
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Not really I do have Astrodon LRGB and they were a big improvement over the ZWO . Saying that I just bought NB Astronomiks i wanted 6nm and the Astrodons are just way to expensive. Saying that the 3nm are nice but you really need to know you have to have them for the price. So no you wont notice much difference , maybe the Astrodons are more parafocal and handle reflections a little better but thats about it.
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Hi Graz,

I do really like the 3nm Astrodon NB filters but they definitely come at a premium price (assuming you can actually get them... I just enquired at a couple of US suppliers and since Astrodon changed hands supply has been erratic.)

I think they are worth the price, especially for imaging from inner suburban Brisbane. Whether they are worth it to you is a question that's harder to answer

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I like my 3nm Astrodons, and have acquired a compete narrowband +LRGB set gradually over a few years.

A few years ago I wrote a quick review comparing my pervious 12nm with 3nm Astrodons used at a site with a heavy light pollution.
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I can only say that my set of LRGB & 3nm Astrodons are good, never used any others but I can say that they're good all the same
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I found them completely necessary when I was doing NB imaging from inner Sydney. Here are a couple of threads comparing them from when I first got them:

The price is now much higher though due to the dollar (almost double) so I'd have to think harder about buying them now days.
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Baader has recently released a 3.5nm Ha filter, its reasonably priced at $506 AU + GST (compared to Astrodons), although its only in a 2 inch size at the moment (different sizes to come later).


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I have the 6nm Astronomiks and the Astrodon E-series LRGB. I'm very happy with both sets of filters; no halos when used with either my ONTC newt or the Esprit 120 I used to have. If you really want 3nm there's really only one option though...
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Interesting question, but with ANY engineering, that last few percent of perfection costs.

But it simply comes down to what do you want to use? E.g. if you really like 30 year old Scotch, then don’t don’t buy Johnny Walker Red...you’ll be disappointed.

If 3nm filters were easy to make, then everybody would be making them.

They provide contrast that you simply can’t get at 5nm or more. They are simply built to a specification not a price.

Also this is not the sort of product you can pick up at your local IGA or Woolworth’s. Only a handfull of manufacturers on the planet can even make them.

And their market is tiny.

I am happy to pay the price, as while expensive, they could easily go the way of the Dodo. Still think they are expensive? Custom filter runs make them look like an absolute bargain
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thank you all kindly for the replies. Some thing to consider if I ever get any spare cash!
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