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Arrow Nikon D5000 with Stellarvue ED 80

With nothing to do the other night I thought I would shoot the moon with my D5000 which is only ever use for my real estate work as an elevated camera. I usually use my D700 for astro work (only lunar at the moment) but I figure that with the 1:1.5 sensor on the D5000 it'll give me a larger image scale than the D700 which is a full size sensor. The D5000 is usually dangling from an 8 metre fibre glass telescopic pole. If something goes wrong up there, it's only six hundred odd dollars and not two and a half grand like the D700.

Anyway, I am very impressed with the dynamic range of the D5000 with excellent highlight detail in particular. I had the Nikon Active D Lighting switched to auto so the camera just did it's thing. I have always been impressed with the way this little camera has performed for my real estate work. For the money, it must be one of the best bang for the buck cameras on the market.

I shot in RAW and converted to Tiff 16bit for the final work, then to a cropped Jpeg for IIS.

The scope is a Stellarvue NHNG ED 80 with a focal length of 560mm f7. The camera is a 12MP CMOS sensor Nikon D5000. Exposure was 1/125th sec at prime focus.
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