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Meade Nebular Broadband Filter.

I generally use my DSI Pro 2 for imaging instead of my Canon 40d as I don't have a Light Pollution Filter as such and the DSI's work well at suppressing it. While rummaging through some of my gear today, I came across my old Meade Series 4000 Nebular Broadband filter which I dropped ages ago and now has a chip in the edge of it. This is not visible during visual observations and could be cropped out of an image if needed. I did a read up on the filter, and holding it up to the light, it does seem to do what the other LP filters do to the colour spectrum as in the colour comparison chart I have seen from a link through this site. It also enhances Hb, OIII and Ha while suppressing sodium, aural glow, reflected light, etc. Could I use this in replacement of and IDAS LPR Filter and see what results I get, or would this not work at all?
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The color balance will be off in a color camera, but dont matter anyway.
Use what ever you have in anyway you can to get a better image from your light polluted area.

I have the same filter in 2", and its OK, not great, but OK.
Does well to darken the background.

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The transmission curve for the Series 4000 Broadband give a little more light ( for visual observers) down around 450-500nm. The IDAS cuts off closer to the Hb ( around 480nm); other than that the transmissions look similar.
If you need a LPR then I'd use it!!
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