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Galaxy details - where is the best resource?

Ok, probably a really dumb question, but what is the best online resource for finding out details about distant galaxies?
I have recently imaged NGC6744 and have found a heap of small galaxies in the background.

Using Pixinsight, I used the image annotation tool to identify about 40+ little tiny galaxies in my image. I wanted to find out more about them by Googling them, but there seems to be little to go on.

I tried zooming deep into the area around NGC6744 on Cartes Du Ceil, but it doesn't give me distances (I think), unless there is a reference I'm not understanding....

As an example, I was looking for information about the distances of PGC 62847 and PGC 326310.

I'm sure someone's done all this before, but I don't know where to go next.

Any help would be super awesome!


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Hi Warren,

You can try this website (HyperLeda), it is an online galaxy database, provides you with a lot of information of PGC type galaxies.


There is also SIMBAD which does a similar job.


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There is also the Aladin Sky Atlas which will probably have every dot imagineable on catalog.
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