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EQ6R dec axis

I have used my EQ6R quite a bit now. The RA axis is quite free when the clutch is released, but the dec axis seems quite stiff still. I thought this would loosen up a bit with use. Does some one know if this is normal. Thanks,Rob.
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Time for a pull down maybe dirty...
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Startrek (Martin)
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I bought 2 of these mounts 2 years ago and both donít have any stiff Dec movement
Did you buy brand new ? Or second hand ? If second hand the previous owner may have tinkered with it ??
Maybe your worm drive needs adjusting on the Dec ?
Or maybe just a general check and Lub
There are plenty of YouTube clips on the EQ6-R to show you how to check this

Good luck
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But does it track/guide ok? Last thing you want to do is pull apart a mount that is functionally perfect and make things worse for yourself. My EQ6Pro is stiff in ALL axis but guides perfectly and slews almost within 10px every time.
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