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Canon 1000D

does anyone here have any experience with the canon 1000D and is it a good started camera for astrophotography??? and also how would i mount it onto a telescope
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Yes it would be a good camera to start out with. You would need this type of camera adaptor. You also need a canon T Adaptor. The telescope also need to have a 2 inch diameter focuser. Most do nowdays anyway. A smaller 1.25 inch focuser is too small and would cause vignetting.
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If you are going to the expense of the 1000D I would go to the 450D or the new 500D. I have a 1000D and am about to upgrade to a 500D because of better ISO 1600 and above, HD video capability 20-30fps and ability to have wireless remote for shutter. 1000D great camera overall non astronomy indications. if you want more details you could PM me.
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Originally Posted by Jazza11 View Post
does anyone here have any experience with the canon 1000D and is it a good started camera for astrophotography??? and also how would i mount it onto a telescope
despite what anyone might say, the 1000D is an excellent camera for starting astrophotography, yeah the 450D is better, but there is nothing wrong with the 1000D to get going.

its a good beginners choice

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I like the others have one of these. There are a variety of ways you can use it.

I at the moment choose to strap the camera to the outside of my telescope (piggyback) and take pictures through it normal lense, what people call widefield views. The basis for this for me is my scope doesnt track that good for astrophotos through the lens, long focal length (1.9m) narrow aperture (5") which makes it a slow F15. But with it strapped to the outside and 250mm IS lens , it does great pics.

Again, I am only a beginner, and I have found that the capabilities of the camera outstrip my skills. Yes, one day I will possibly upgrade, but at the moment in this economy, would rather the extra cash in my pocket.

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I also use a 1000D and find it fantastic. Has live view and can be focused via the computer and at 700 bucks for the body only is great value.

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If your a beginner why go for a brand new camera, I have been imaging for 6 months now and i can tell you the insessive factory fitted filter is a KILLER... you can get a fully modified 350d for 500-600, you will need a DSUSB to take long exposures or just make a DSUSB (not that hard). These cameras are what gave canon their name for the DSLR to use back when they came out! 700 is a fair bit for something that you may or maynot take to! 500 is a little bit more pallateable plus being modified (filter removed and replaced with a astronomy tuned filter) is a better option in my opinion. Plus the 1000d has alot of noise.

1000 d - consumer - budget minded people who want better than handi cam pictures
450 d - prosumer - Dont mind spending a bit more for more features and better build quality
50 d - Semi professional pretty much all the features of a professional rig - a few extras
5d - professional big bucks high end high quality best of everything!

thats how canon numbers work.
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