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Kuz (Kuz)
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Ngc 253

Took this last Friday night, first clear night for many weeks so I got about 7 hours of data of 180 sec and 600 sec subs, out of 103 subs only had to throw out 2 due to statilites. Just purchased a optilong extreme filter so I will probably the well known curse with buying new telescope accessories 3 weeks rain and wind . Incase anyone is looking at one . Just paid $225 with free postage from aliexpress . Though that wasn't a bad deal
Starting to get my head around gimp now I was quite happy with outcome

Taken with esprit 120 and zwo 294 camera .

16 x 180 sec lights
16 x 180 sec darks
Gain 120
Optilong UV/IR

Processed with DSS , Gimp and a light touch in lightroom

Thanks for looking comments are more than welcome
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Great result Kuz.

Plenty of detail on the galaxy.

Now time to learn about masking!

Using a mask you can work on the background and the galaxy separately.

I can spend hours playing with the data for different results.
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that's a nice whack of spiral structure you've got there Kuz and a lot of colour detail as well.

Just out of interest, one thing I notice just comparing this to my last attempt at NGC253 is that this appears to be a mirror image (not just rotated) from what I took?

oh, and let us know how the L extreme purchase goes... I am looking to buy but cost from local sellers on backorder is in the mid 400's
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nice work Kuz, you've done a good job on the capture. just need some more practice on the processing to make the most of the capture.

i hope you don't mind (I can delete if you like) i did a quick edit of your image just to show you've got quite a bit more in the data you can squeeze out with practice. but good job
- adjusted black point levels of the individual RGB channels one at a time (although Green was black clipped already)
- removed colour noise (takes out the red green and blue noise pixels)
- applied some noise reduction and sharpening
- applied a high pass (another type of sharpening)
- re adjusted the colour balance once more.


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Thanks guys. all good Russ, mate no problem with playing with image . I personally think this is good for people to see what proptenetial of what's hiding in their images that's why I am here to learn as much as I can . I have just started playing with masks but are yet to fully get it looking good .

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Great image. A lot of detail there.
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