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Mick1 (Mick)

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Goto Mounts

I'm looking at buying a goto mount and would like to know if anyone has any knowledge on the Meade LX85 or the new Skywatcher EQ35. I am also considering the SW EQ5 Pro goto. price wise the EQ5 would be the limit for me and yes the HEQ5 would be ideal but i cant justify the expense.
Ive tried looking for information/reviews on both the Meade and the EQ35 but I cant find anything other than sales information. My aim after buying the mount is to add an 80mm ED.
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I would suggest putting up a wanted at for a HEQ5 Pro. It can sometimes take a while for one to pop up but it is best to get the largest mount (highest capacity) that you can afford
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Hi Mick
Colin offers great advice.
So many folk start out thinking that they wont go past their initial intention but so many find down the road wanting a bigger scope or decide to try astro photography.
The little heq5 is going to leave you with opotions that you may think today will never happen.
With the heq5 you can carry up to an 8 inch Newtonian...some put on a 10 inch.
Also if you decide to sell it you wont have to wait long to get most of your money back.
Many of us have learnt the hard way that in the long run the mount is just so important.
What will you use your intended set up for as a first interest.
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Karlzburg (Karl)
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I upgraded to a HEQ5 pro and it's the best thing I did, though it does take a little more to set up the results are well worth it
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It can't be stressed enough; no matter how good your scope is, you will
not produce quality images if the mount is not up to it. Wait for a used
HEQ5 to come up, and grab it.
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