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Observing report "Solar" 04-04-10

My small report with some pictures of some fun under the sun. 4th April time was 2pm local to 3.15pm local.

Many things in the sky can thrill you at the eyepiece or even with out optical aid. The list is so long it's endless.
Last Snake Valley camp I was thrilled to look through Tim's 22" scope. I have never seen some objects like I did over that weekend.
Even the thrill of Saturn on the Saturday night under super seeing with awesome scopes.
But with that some sights are yes I have seen that before. I like fishing for Meteors as some are so spectacular it's amazing.

But one kind of observing is very new to me and that's solar observing. My friend Julian who others know of is a very keen solar observer.
But that's my fault as I introduced him to this world and his bank account has hated me for it.
But some people out there just want to use equipment that gives you that wow view.
And the Solarmax 90 mm double stacked does just that.
But also as a side show which it really is not is a Lunt double stacked 60 mm.

I had the pleasure of using these scopes today thanks to Julian for the invite and i was truly blown away of what I could see.
It can be hard to describe as I'm not sure of the terminology of the sun's features.
To say the sun had prominences all around it, there where 4 that where big and one was huge. it looked a fair bit like the Eiffel tower.
It's amazing to think how big it was. The surface had dark lines through it white spots and just various shades of dark orange to white features.
Maybe best to describe it like an big orange and a child let loose with a few pens.

I remember looking through a PST and yes you can see things but a 90 mm is like things come alive.
What about the lunt well it was very good the details were there and really it is a great scope.
It does not quite show what the 90 mm does and you have to look very carefully at times to see things.
Its a bit like looking at a galaxy through a 8" then looking in a 16" its is just easier to see the solar detail in the 90 mm compared to the 60 mm.
30 mm does not seem like a lot but I guess it is does when looking at the Sun.

In all it is so different to look at the sun compared to anything else.
I best some it up with a quote out of a movie !

"it's alive"
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Gee David, that reminds me of the only time I have viewed the sun. The wife and I were at Katoomba about 8 years ago and the chap who had the cafe on Cliff Drive had a solar rig to die for. I think the scopes were a Televue and Astro Physics refractors, top-end gear. Full aperture solar filters. The cafe was forgotten as we all viewed the sun for about 2 hours. Unbelievable, I have never forgotten the buzz that gave me. Envious I am!!!
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great setup dave.theres been a little activity the last few months and i enjoy viewing over the course of a day coming and going,its amazing how things change !!!!
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Nice report Dave. I can relate well to your experience as I've become completely addicted to solar observing with my new gear. I also spent a good deal of time with that prominence you described as like the Eiffel Tower. Very apt. Yesterday at one point there were at least 6 prominences at one point, 2 quite large. Amazing.

But 90mm double stacked scope - sounds like heaven to me!
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cheers guy's

Patrick that 90 mm is

Love to get it up to Snake Valley at some camp
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