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Our Head of Dept has requested DREAM LIST


I recall 4 years ago when Adam and I were imaging through our schools C8. I was looking through the view finder trying not to touch the mount while making sure the star in the crosshairs did not move. I was in charge of the RA paddle board and Adam was manually rotating the dec Knob based on my instructions. I recall the elation when the image came in and the star drift was only half a centimeter and we had a sort of galaxy. HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED......

Our schools physics program is full of astronomy and we now seek advice on our dream list which our HOD will take to the admin and try to get funding. We have run successfull viewing evenings on a monthly basis and both Adam and I have been rewarded at the state level for what we are doing in our classroonms.

I know you buy a dedicated CCD cooled camera to do a particular function but would like to know what people would recommend for taking great photo images where stars are protected to an extent by an antiblooming protection but is linear enough so we could also use for Photometry where we would like to take maybe 2 minute shots. We are interested in looking at high resolution galaxy imaging so our kids can hunt for supernova ( May sound silly ) and looking at Astrometry.

We will be using a W/O Flt 110 and Skywatcher ED 80 on EQ6 mounts. We have kids imaging using DSLR but would like to go to the next level.

After a great evening with 1 Ponders last night adam and I spoke about getting DBK 21 for planets, maybe a QHY 8 for colour and some SBIG or other mono camera.

I know it is a dream but we are quite confident of being able to get up to $10 000 for this.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have a basic understanding of well depth and other terminology. I would appreciate suggestions but if people could restrain on commenting on others comments that would be great as I tend to get a little confused when things start going around in circles.

Thank you

Mark and Adam
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Look at the new SBIG camera
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Get rid of the EQ6 and get a Losmandy G11. That'll give you a heavy duty mount for the OTA. Sell the EQ6 for $1000-$1500 and you'll still have $5k for a camera and wheel. Atscope supplies SBIG cameras and $5k will get a good one.
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There's a pretty good deal at ATS on STL 11000 class 2 s these days

but if money is no object, get the STX model
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