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Cool Guiding with Tucam and K3ccd Tools Help

It now begins...I have done the mod to my Tucam and have a reg version of K3ccdtools. I just have a Question in using it for guiding. I have plugged the camera into the USB port and have a good image. I also have a Parallel cord comming from the Tucam into a Parallel to USB converter. I have set the com ports for the Camera as Com2 (working) and the Parallel control cable to USB COM 3 (seems to be working).. Now here is the question??? Where does the Meade LX200 fit into the picture? Do I assume that I set the Guiding controll to LX200 Interface in the guiding settings. Then I guess I just plug the LX200 via the RS232 socets and all should be good..

I do understand that I need to run the Drift Explorer Etc, it's just the settings and cable connections I need to have confirmed...

I intend to use the guiding via an Off-Axis guider attached to the back of my De-Rotator and capture images via my DSLR...

Any help would be great. I don't have anyone near me to assist so this site is my bible. From a new nothing Guy some months ago I am happy with my progress, and have enjoyed building my gear and modding Cams etc..

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Martin, is there a particular reason for using K3? I used it for a number of years for guiding and I found it very hit and miss. Or maybe it was me or my mount, but I struggled to obtain consistent results. When PHD came along I never looked back.

I'm a big fan of K3 but its guiding setup could be a bit more intuitive.

As for you current prob I never used a long exposure ToUcam. If you have your camera set to Normal Camera in the settings you may be able to do away with the parallel port. My setup was normal Toucam, usb connection, serial connection from mount to serial/usb converter to laptop and that was it. I did find some of the USB/Serial converters a bit hit and miss though
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