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bobson (Bob)
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NBN robocall scam

Just got one of those a few minutes ago. Threatening me since I didn't switch to NBN yet that my Internet will be disconnected in 24 hours. And then asking to press 1 to talk to tech, I simply hang up.

Beware of this scam!


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PaulSthcoast (Paul)
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Hi Bob,

its a little unsettling to know that this is something that
is happening across the Nation.

I have been receiving similar calls for over 12 months now,
sometimes the caller ID shows, other times not.

They are VERY persistent.

The joys of having a landline !

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blindman (Neville)
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I am wondering what happens if you press 1?
After couple seconds calls are disconnected.
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PaulSthcoast (Paul)
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Hi Neville,

I have hit redial, and yes...…….

You guessed it, the number cannot be connected.

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bobson (Bob)
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Looks like its been around for a while:


NBN Scam Alert
Consumer Alert | 27 February 2019
Scammers are impersonating NBN to con victims out of their money and personal information
Have you had a robocall from the NBN warning your internet will be disconnected?
After being invited to press "1" or "2" for next steps, people are then prompted for their personal information or a payment to prevent their internet being disconnected.
NBN Co will never make these unsolicited calls to request payment or bank account details. If you get a call that you suspect is a scam, hang up.
Find out more about other types of NBN-related scams at http://www.scamwatch.gov.au/news/wat...-for-nbn-scams
Learn about the ACMA’s role regulating telemarketing at www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/scams-and-fraud
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Had a variant of these...

Robocall: "Your internet connection is about to be cut off due to sustained hacking attempts from China..."

Eventually put through to someone with a thick Filipino accent...

I responded "Oh... really ?" (long pause)
"So what should i do about that ?"

They hung up, unfortunately - i was hoping to string them along and waste their time. With luck, I was hoping to get their number and set up a system to robocall them 24 x 7.
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drylander (Peter)
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I was getting them as well but hangup. I have now cancelled my home phone and just use my mobile. Any phone call that is shown private number gets refused.End of an era but no spam calls re windows ATA etc anymore.
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This is not a surprise, given the whole NBN stuff up. The government gave those crooks the idea.
For the life of me I do not understand how we as a nation and individuals accepted as normal the bulling behaviour of NBN and associated IP's?
This guy on TV add who was informing us (while cheerfully walking down the street) that our service will be switched off and that we need to negotiate the new contract with IP... it really made me quite angry.
In my case, I told them (my IP) I will go to another after 15 years if they do not abandon the request for payment for new equipment (while the old one worked perfectly as far as I was concerned). They did.. but many people simply paid couple of hundreds of $$ without asking questions.
One friend of mine wanted only a phone.. They insisted she have to order couple of GB of data.. and she even doesn’t have a computer, neither she knows what GB are for.
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