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Stardweller (Paul)
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app for the NGC catalog

Hello everybody,

I would like to present you NGC Miner, an innovative iPad app, made to assist you
with exploring the NGC & IC catalogues, keeping a digital observation log and wandering across the NASA SkyView photo sky.


- Features of NGC Miner:

* Extraction of information that meets specific criteria such as

- Object class, such as galaxies, nebulae etc.
- Object subclass, such as E5, Sc galaxies etc.
- R.A & Declination
- Constellation
- Magnitude
- Surface Brightness
- Dimensions
- Distance
- Position Angle
- Common Name

* Data and photos of deep sky objects only a few taps away.
* Observing notes by acclaimed observer Steve Gottlieb.
(Entire NGC and 870 IC object descriptions)
* Exploration of photo sky with pan & zoom
* Automatic identification of objects in photo sky.
* Beautiful & intuitive user interface.
* Smart observation data log.
* Alternative photo display (invert, grid, etc)
* Fast retrieval of object thumbnails.
* Night Mode.
* Interactive FOV window.
* NASA SkyView or SDSS photos.
* Rise/Transit/Set times.
* Altitude/Azimuth graph.
* Map for selecting observatory location.
* Messier catalog.
* Horizontal and vertical flip buttons in photo sky
* Other smaller features

For more info, screenshots and video tutorials about NGC Miner please visit


Made by an amateur Astronomer for amateur and professional Astronomers!

Thank you and happy NGC Mining!


iOS Developer
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Disappointed it's only for Apple
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What I have been using for ages is CCD Field Calc by Atik. Does the Messier, IC and NGC, allows the saving of different telescopes to easily switch between different FOVs.
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skysailor (Peter)
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Thanks Colin... good "app"....
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Interesting app, certainly has potential and it's always good to see new app's directly related to this hobby.

I am finding the UI rather un-intuitive. I'm pressing buttons and trying things in order to work out what the button does, which is rare for an app these days. I can see the app will mature over time to be better in this regard. The free Atik one is easier to use but has somewhat different functionality.

PS. There's a "test" text in the location allow/disallow dialog, presumably leftover from debugging.

Will be interesting to see how much I use it

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Stardweller (Paul)
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Hello Roger,

Thank you for evaluating my app. I will consider your comments as you are a user of the application. Since the app contains many features and various deep sky object related parameters need to be specified in order to display results with desired characteristics it is not an easy task to make it very simple to use. However, most of the time it is not needed to use all available tools and specify all parameters available. I hope that you will enjoy it and use it for your observing.

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It's good to see someone create an iPad app having some serious content of direct interest to amateur astronomers. The author's website does give some explanatory text accompanied by some screenshots. And there are three tutorial videos. But the tutorials are of limited value because there is no verbal or textual accompaniment and they run quite quickly. I found it quite difficult to follow the action. Moreover right now the author does not offer a trial version so the only way of seeing if this app is of practical interest is to buy a license for $10. I bit the bullet and bought a license and I've spent a little time familiarising myself with the app. Should it be of interest I've prepared and now attach a review of my experience to date. The author has said that he is "currently working on an update with new features and also a free version for allowing people to evaluate the app before buying the full version".
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