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Focusing a DSLR for those perfect images

Tip and ideas sort my DSLR does not have the ability to focus using a Laptop or programs such as Imageplus or DSLR Focus.

I have extreme difficulty focusing through the viewfinder as I wear glasses, I cannot seem to get a perfect focus not matter how hard I try unless the object is bright but even then stars through the viewfinder never appear as bright circles.

Taking the camera off the mount then downloading the images etc is time consuming and even though you think the camera goes back exactly as was it's not always in the same position.

Has anyone tried one of these


or can make a viable suggestion.

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Dennis has put up this thread that may help.

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Thanks Dennis for this ,

Another thought my Pentax has video out if I attached it to a laptop and took a shot then veiwed it on the laptop would this aid in focusing

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Hi Trevor

I’ve got the (older) Pentax *ist DS and have kept the Firmware at Version 2.0 which allows the "Pentax Remote Assistant" software to work on my Notebook, although it’s not a live view, only a “take photo, download and open it” system.

When I updated the Firmware to 2.02, Pentax Remote Assistant ceased to work so I re-loaded V2.0.

I’ve not tried connecting the Pentax to an external monitor, but if this gives you a live picture then it should be good enough for focusing. Anything is better than crouching down with craned neck, squinting through the viewfinder and trying to focus.


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Some time ago I posted some notes on home-build right angle viewfinder, see this: http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/s...ad.php?t=23756
It may help...
However, I found that I can fix the position of the focus ring once the focus is determined, as camera does go back in the same position every time (unless something else is moved in the meantime). so there is no need for me to re-focus every time again and again..
Also the thread on Bahtinov's mask may be helpful for you:
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Trevor what you say about not having to change the focus each time could be effected quite significally when the temp changes as the weather gets warmer.

If your temp is pretty constant, fair enough, however if it changes 3 or 4 degrees so dose the focus, in my experiences.

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