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Unhappy Non observation report

This is a non observation report.

Last night was my dark site night with the expectation that the patchy cloud would clear for a nice night of viewing. The cloud decided to close in instead. So we spent the night sitting under the cloud discussing this and that.

We had a larger than normal turnout too which makes it more disappointing.

On the menu were comets, and a tour through Norma and Ara.
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Better luck next time Michael.

I Hope you get to observe soon,I have been enjoying some clear nights and i can't be having all the fun.

Clear skies
Cheers Orestis
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This is not a post.

Oh okay, yes it is now I guess, why.. because once I open a reply window, the words don't stop.

So we spent the night sitting under the cloud .

My glass is half full answer: So we spent the night sitting under the stars which were temporarily obscured by wisps and puffs of nebulosity filled water particles.

Poor old cloud really does cop a bad reputation doesn't it.
Oh well, at least we can talk about astronomy when we can't actually do it.
I was very disappointed myself last night.. after waiting a month to observe and excitedly putting together an obs list, I stayed in hope thru the day that the patches of clouds would move on by dark. It just got worse. I'm hopeful for tonight tho. Truly is frustrating for someone trying to learn to observe as I am.
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It was a great day here yesterday till about 17.00 then A big cloud came over and just sat there for ages,I was so looking forward to looking for a couple of PN's
I hope tonight will be clear
When I get clouded I can only talk to myself
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take a microscope in case of cloud?

I knew one bloke (who was thought to be a bit cracked!) who made meteorological observations when it was cloudy.
Worth a try?

I have been even more "weird" and have taken a stereomicroscope to the observing site in case it is cloudy.

A high quality stereomicroscope can be used to look at most anything in reflected light from an LED lamp. A good quality instrument can make a small spider look roughly the size of an elephant! (they come in at 1000-4000 dollars). These are not the high power monocular microscopes that need to have the specimen put on a slide. Instead you get a low to medium power view (10 to 150 power) which is ideal for a quick "look see", as you can quickly put anything at all onto the microscope stage for examination.
(I like to look at tiny worms and fungi and arthropods in the soil......not unlike the "galaxies" of the biosphere)
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