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Meade SCT questions

My astronomy group has had three Meade SCTs donated to it.

Is there a website that can be accessed so as to determine the build-date of these SCTs ?

We have: a 10 inch LX200 ACF GPS, serial number 107960; a 8 inch LX90, serial number 001635 and, a 12 inch LX200 GPS, serial number 091057.

Some of these SCTs operate, others don't !

We would like to identify the age of the above telescopes so that we can determine the correct handset, curly control cable type and, the correct user manual for each telescope.

Also, has anyone identified an alternate GPS for these units that can work around Aprilís GPS Week Number 1024 issue?

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Try CN, many LX SCT users there. Oops I see you already have. There was an answer re the GPS issue - see https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/6...s#entry9392147

Originally Posted by doug_parkes View Post
Some of these SCTs operate, others don't !
Hence why many LX200's have been deforked and re-mounted on GEMs. The GPS calendar issue will probably spell the end of the rest.

Good optics may last far longer than complex mechanicals, electronics or software.

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Google Mike Weasner's site everything you ever wanted to know about the Meade LX series & more!

Also, Google Starpatch, a software patch has been issued by them to address the gps rollover issue & our own Andrew Johansen is involved in that.

Also, Meade have now released a patch as well but, don't bother asking them about the age of your SCTs as their customer service is pretty much non existent.

Possibly if you PM Andrew, he might be able to tell you more about your Acts, he helped me out with a bunch of things when I got my 14 year old secondhand one... I don't have a GPS though & to be honest, don't really miss having one... my Ioptron had one, just enter your site location manually... if you don't move around much, you only have to do it once.

Hope this helps..

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