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Visual Ha filter

Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right forum for this question. I recently took possession of a second-hand Skywatcher ST120 refractor, which came with a clip-on full aperture solar film filter. I've never tried solar viewing before so it's been quite enjoyable so far, despite the recent lack of solar activity and the fact that solar observing during a Queensland summer with pale skin has very little to recommend it.

My question is, is there a reasonably cost effective (like, a coupla hundred bucks max) eyepiece filter which in addition to the solar film filter might add a bit more detail to the view? At the moment I can see sunspots, but no other surface/prominence details, but from the little I've read, adding a normal Ha filter will just give a red view of the sun without any additional details, and the "proper" solar filters are hugely expensive.

Happy to be told I'm dreaming and return to nocturnal viewing. Thanks.
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What you've read so far is pretty accurate.
Adding a Continuum filter to a white light filter set-up can improve contrast - if there are sunspots to see!

Unfortunately to view the Chromosphere - proms, filaments etc requires a very expensive filter - the Quark, or one of the Coronado/ Lunt scopes.
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Thanks Ken, I actually think it was your feedback on the Stargazers Lounge forum that I was reading regarding this. Might just have to settle for sunspots and be content with that. Thanks again.
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Here is the link I started

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