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azkaz (Aaron)
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Finderscope threads

Morning all, I wonder if you might be able to help me.
I have the standard finderscope that comes with the skywatcher ED80. the eyepiece consists of a small tube you look into with a crosshairs at the end. This short plastic tubes threads into a wide metal base that then screws into the finderscope body. I want to hold an illuminated reticle eyepiece the finderscope instead of the non illuminated plastic tube. Has anyone done this before?
Any suggestions on how to do this? I now you van buy then for $200 dollars but want to use my existing equipment.

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Hi Aaron.
I'm finding it a little hard to follow your description...
Maybe some pictures would help?

Cheers, Josh
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azkaz (Aaron)
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Understand, pictures say a thousand words.
So I want to use the illuminated reticle as I have very dark skies and have trouble seeing the crosshairs in the existing scope.
I have taken the shiny, internally threaded part of the IR off but the thread on the IR is just a fraction to small to thread into where the plastic viewing tube fits.
Not sure if it's possible though.
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Startrek (Martin)
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I had the same issue
I replaced all my standard finderscopes that came with my telescopes with an Orion 50mm illuminated reticle finderscopes , problem immediately solved and these finderscopes are excellent.
I donít think what your trying to do will work due to the different focal lengths Like trying to put a square peg in a round hole
You can sell your standard finderscopes on IIS or eBay or keep as spares
I keep one of mine in the car and use it as a mini refractor telescope if Iím away
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azkaz (Aaron)
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Thanks Martin,
Appreciate the suggestions. Makes sense, nothing like having the right tool for the job.
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Ukastronomer (Jeremy)
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Red dot finder
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I have modified a straight through 50mm finder into a guidescope (which is the same process you are trying to achieve). Steps
1. Unscrew the rear "eyepiece"
2. Use a Dremel to slightly enlarge (sand off) the internal threads at the rear.
3. Push in a 2"-1.25" adapter (self centering types are ideal). You may need to repeat step 2 to get a snug fit, and use a bit of silicon to hold the adapter firmly into the finder scope tube.
4. Insert a 1.25" camera/eyepiece of your choice.
See photo for end result.
Hope that helps
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