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wizdmkeepr (Billy)
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What is a good small telescope

Hi - I am going out west on remote lands for a while, and I wanted to take along a nice telescope but really needing it to be compact and lightweight. Any suggestions for super optics in these parameters? Thanks
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Hi Billy,
Probably depends on how much you can afford and of coarse you will need a mount of some sort.

I f you just want a good look around the Universe get a decent pair of 10x50 Binoculars and all will be well,

You will be amazed, do that first than think of a telescope and mount, as for a new person in this hobby that is the way to go.

And it will be cheaper than a Scope and Mount and if you do like the Astro bit at least you will have some decent Binoculars

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glend (Glen)
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The Skywatcher GTI wifi mount can fit in a back pack easily, and it's light. The software app can run on your phone or a tablet. For the scope, I would suggest anything from an Astro-Tech ED60 (which has great optics for its size), to something like a TS80 Doublet (to keep the weight down); both have retractable dew shields for compact transport. All of that will fit in a backpack.


Mount works in Alt/As or EQ mode.


TS80 weights just 3kg.


The TS60 weighs just 1,5kg, identical scope to the Astro-tech ED60.

Watch which currency your buying in, the AUD has fallen badly against the USD (Astro-Tech sells in USD), whereas the TS is sold in Euros and the AUD has recently gained on the Euro. Also factor in shipping costs. Astronomics will charge $90 USD to ship you an ED60, but Teleskop-Services will ship you the TS60 for 36 Euro.

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Both good advice from Leon and Glen , but it is not as they say just a matter of what's the best scope ? , there are many factors involved such as , as Leon said , Budget ? how much do you want/have to spend or your interests ? you know , planets ? , nebula ? , Globulars ? , doubles ? etc , etc .

Then there is how are you going to transport the scope and all the gear needed to make the session enjoyable and comfortable , seat , table , computer , warm clothing , food and water etc , etc .

Safety is an issue today so do you have a safe dark sky spot ? ,. or observing buddies ?

Family and work , yes we would all love to be able to just disappear for 3-4 days on a good dark sky weekend , but sadly that is a dream as other things take priority most of the time . And it's very hard to organise a dark sky weekend that suits everyone if going as a group ( I know this very well ) and this is always the best .

Give us a run down on your interests and expectations and we can tailor our replies to suit ( Pun intended )

But straight up a good 6 - 8 inch Dob is probably the best starter scope .
, or a 2nd hand ED80 on a mid-weight Alt/Az mount .

Leon mentioned Binoculars ,, great advice as when I drove down from Darwin over 3 weeks a couple of years ago I had ( still have ) my 8x56 Bino's and out in the back of beyond where it's totally dark the views were just AWESOME ! and I only set up the Takahashi I had at the time to show fellow campers the night sky wonders at different dark camping sites , it was lots of fun , but yes give binoculars a lot of consideration .

You don't mention astro photography ? , good on ya for this , don't even think about that for at least a year of astronomy as its , as the say ' The slippery slope to empty pockets ' and no truer words have been spoken .

Looking forward to some more info about your circumstances . . And as you see amature astronomy is a hobby of a lifetime if you just pace yourself and don't rush in with wallet flapping .

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Theres a ED72 currently up for grabs in the classified. VERY light weight with good optics for a budget price. Pair it up with the AZ gti which will handle the weight no problem, youve got a killer combo. Only downside is that you need to provide own diagonal and finderscope. Also note that 2" diagonal MAY not come to focus visually (not enough in focus)
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Some 60mm scope (TV60, AT60ED or WO ZS61) with 1.25" diagonal and a few eyepieces (or Baader zoom) and barlow. Some good photographic tripod and Alt-Az head (Sirui or Manfrotto video head or Stellarvue M1V or something similar).

In remote areas under dark sky you would be surprised how much you could see with this little scope. The setup is light and small.
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Ukastronomer (Jeremy)
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I have a few scopes but to be honest I wanted a GOOD scope to use with a Daystar Quark Ha filter, one that would also be quality for imaging and one that was as good as possible for travel with good optics.

After TWO months of reviews and questions I bought the Skywatcher 72mm.

It is only 8mm less than the 80mm and half the cost, and does NOT come with eyepieces that are poor quality such as the Skywatcher or a cheap diagonal, you can therefore buy what suits you.

I added the William Optics dialectric diagonal and have eyepieces so saved on one NOT being included in the price, it is also a superb terrestrial birding scope.

What I don't understand is that I have looked at a few suppliers over there and you appear to have a smaller range of scopes that in the UK and I can't find it
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