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gday all,

im new to the forum ive just finished my advanced diploma of photography at TAFE in perth.

in regards to film V digi they are both excellent tools it depends on what you are doing, in terms of astro i think that film still has a firm hold (that is of course if the manufacturers decide NOT to discontinue the good stuff, ie Tech Pan).

BUT i am liking the look of the SBIG full-frame CCD camera.

as far as the terran stuff goes digital is extremely popular but there are some that still shoot film, once again due to quality.

i shoot film in 35mm, med format & large format for fun but the professional work is pretty much all shot on digital.

ive gotta make that 8K camera pay for itself somehow!!

all in all i like the large format film in terms of sheer quality but my DSLR rivals 35mm film no worries.
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Benny L (Ben)
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Originally Posted by Jonathan
One of the main limiting factors on any camera is the quality of lens being used. Lots of people seem to focus more on buying the expensive camera body and then not buying a decent lens for it. Too often I see people with a great camera body only to attach a cheap and nasty zoom lens on the front of it. It doesn't matter whether you've got a film or digital camera then, the pictures will suffer.

i have an EOS 1DMKII and put an average lens on it before i got a decent L series lens and there is no comparison. buy the absolute bes lenses you can afford!!

ive spent over 10K on excellent lenses and have never looked back.

the only thing with digital now is that the quality of the camera actually matters. ie sensor size, megapixels etc. this usually means that the bigger and better the sensor/resolution the more ridiculous the price, the CANON EOS 1DSMKII is 12K body only.
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sounds like you have the bug for a while now!

how about a gigapixel camera? hehe http://www.gigapxl.org/ pity its film *ahem*
check out the detail/resolution in the blow ups of the full size print in the galleries whos gonna be first to put one of these on their mount? hmmm

I remember this guy and his old GIGANTOR format cold war spyplane camera from foxtel overseas news services a few months or more ago - what i didnt realise was this guys many talents, he also has been an astronomer/scientific scopemaker amongst many other things
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If you use a manual camera for film then there's no problem with dead batteries at the end of a long hard night of photography
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