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Old 06-02-2012, 08:29 PM
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What to do on rainy days? Build a light box!!

Hi everyone!!

Well since we've had a lot of cloudy days here in Brisbane and though the clouds have now cleared but the Moon is almost full, I thought it was a good time to build my light box.

Now late last year I bought 4, 12v led strips (photo 1) on Ebay to use in my light box. These were only about $1.40 each and so I spent a total of $5.60 on lights. Then using the cardboard from some computer boxes that I'd collected from work and home, I attached the lights in a circular arrangement as seen in photo 2. I mounted them using the little wire ties that you get in a packet of freezer bags - cost $0!

Then I mounted it such that there was a false bottom for the wiring to live in (photo 3) and mounted the end portion in the body of the light box (photo 4). I cannabilised the 12v plug and wiring from an old auto inspection light to use as my connector to my 12v power supply and then gave the lights a in-situ test (photo 5). Hey, it works!!

To diffuse the light I used some "Onion Skin" plotting paper that I'd got from work. This is similar to tracing paper but a lot thicker and stronger. I used three pieces of the onion skin to ensure the light was as even as possible. With a roll and a half of Duct tape I closed and sealed my light box and gave it a final test (photo 6).

Will it give me a good set of flats? I don't know yet as I only finished it last night but it does look very sweet (photo 7)!! And the total cost? About $9.00 and you have to be happy with that.

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