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Modding 6d or using filters ?

Last week I bought an EOS 6 and made some pictures

1. Western sky (moderately light polluted), single frame Samyang 14mm f/2.8 squeezed to f/4, 15 sec 6400 ASA.
2. Orion with EF 50mm f/2.5 compact macro squeezed to f/3.5, 4 seconds, 30 frames (+5 flats) at 6400 ASA.

The real test will be next month when I go to real dark skies in South Africa.

Full-spectrum modifying it is too many risks for me as I lose all the WB settings and get stuck to custom WB, AF, etc.
Clip-in filters for Fullframe are now offered by Astronomik where the CLS costs $159, but these filters force the mirror always popped up as long the filter is built in. This might damage the mirror popup mechanism as I guess.

So the only alternative I want to buy a 2" (48mm filter thread) Astronomik CLS filter (also $159) to be used in front of 50mm f/2.5 or 85mm f/1,8 (squeezed to f/3.5) lenses or in the 2" barrel on which the 6d is mounted to the Genesis.

The idea is setting the white balance to a custom value based on a white surface photographed with the CLS filter.

Does somebody have experience with such filters or experience with a modded 6d ?
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I can only speak of the filters. The CLS does throw the colour balance off and can be difficult to get right. For nebula it has a huge contrast boost which is why I persist with it. However if the LP is not too severe a more gentle LP filter that doesn't colour shift so much may be the shot. And if your going to very dark skies you won't need a filter at all.
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All filters work by removing/ suppressing light throughput.
The DSLR mod actually ADDS more sensitivity in the Ha region - which improves the nebula etc response.
No comparison.
(I use a std. 450D and a FULL (both filters removed) modded 1000D)
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I have used a couple of modded Canon 20Ds and a Nikon D70 modded.
They are all fairly easy to mod. I am currently modifying a Sony Nex 6 which is more of a challenge as it is so small.

Modded DSLRs are way more sensitive than std cameras. Std cameras have a very strong UV/IR block that cuts out Ha. Removing it gives about 3X increase in sensitivity roughly. But it does wreck it for daytime imaging although you can put an Xnite CC1 filter in front (that's one option).

Processing simply means you correct the red bias in the image using levels and curves in Photoshop. I have quite a few modded 20D shots I can link here:


But of course its up to you and what you want the camera for.

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