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Infra red mod for canon m6

I currently own a Canon 60Da which has a factory mod for astrophotography but is quite heavy on lightweight gear.
I recently purchased a Canon M6 mirrorless camera which is considerably lighter and has higher specs but does not have the IR mod and the images do not show the same depth of Hydrogen emission colour as the 60Da
If anyone knows of any places where competent astro IR mods could be performed on mirrorless cameras, I would appreciate hearing of them.
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See my other thread.....
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Thanks for the heads up Ken.

Geoff, you could try Camera Clinic in Collingwood.
I know people have had the Full Spectrum Mods done on their DSLR's


Cheers Mark
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Thanks Merlin 66 and Trek 1701.
I understand that the Canon factory 60Da still had an IR filter but which allowed passage of the nearer IR band which included the important Hydrogen emission band. So I am a bit confused as to what is meant by full spectrum modification rather than a partial IR mod and how the former would be useful for astrophotography.
I also took the opportunity to contact Canon who pointed out that they do not condone any non Canon after market mods and that any would void the warranty
I really love my M6 so lightweight and useable on all my gear but it is also my main general purpose camera, and I would hate to risk losing any Canon support for it. Maybe in a few more years if I am able to purchase something better and the M6 becomes the "back up" I may further consider a mod.
So I've decided to keep it unmodified and also keep my 60DA (much heavier of course) but I now have recently bought an outfit whose focuser should handle the weight well enough when I want those more intense hydrogen colours.
Thanks all
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