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Observations 20/1/12 - a little patch of Puppis

In spite of poor seeing last night I had a lovely time perusing some of the beautiful clusters of Puppis. How much there is to see in a tiny bit of sky! Here are my notes for the session.

Telescope 400mm f4.9 tri-dob reflector
Eyepieces 28mm UWAN, 17,13,9 mm Naglers, Paracorr
Navigation: Uranometria, Night Sky Observer’s Guide


Seeing poor, transparency fair.

Messier 93 OC in Puppis

90X Stunning – hundreds of stars against a very busy star field with many faint members, some brighter, with the cluster divided by distinct sharp dark lanes. 30’ NE-SW x 20’ SE-NW. Myriad intriguing asterisms including a wide bright pair at the SW edge preceding a distinct trapezium and equilateral triangle. Many other lines and shapes of stars.

1.5 deg SE is Xi Puppis and a further 2 deg is NGC 2467

NGC 2467(Gum 9)/ Haffner 18&19 OC & emission nebula in Puppis

175x Distinct and slightly oval 5’ glow (longer SW-NE) with a few scattered stars including one that is quite bright. Smooth haze which contains darker lobes when viewed with UHC filter. To the SW is a thin projection and to the N is a smaller glow which at first appears joined. This is Haffner 18, a 3’ E-W x 1’ N-S and slightly branched line of haze and half a dozen stars. To the east is the larger Haffner 19, a 4’ tall shark’s fin shaped glow outlined by about a dozen stars with a few more scattered throughout. Haffner 18 & 19 are behind NGC 2467 according to NSOG. With OIII, NGC 2467 brightens and a dark patch s of the bright star becomes apparent as do several thin dark lanes.

To the east of 2467, between 3 bright stars is

Trumpler 9 OC in Puppis

175x A 6’x4’ collection of about 25 stars against background glow in a busy star field. Overall shape is a bit like Bob Hope’s nose in profile. Most stars are similar in colour and magnitude.

NGC 2483 OC in Puppis

90x 15’x7’ flattened Y shape of about 20-30 stars

NGC 2453 OC in Puppis

175x An attractive 5’x3’ rectangular patch of luminosity and stars with 3 bright stars marking the western edge and a distinct knot of stars and haze in the SW corner. A little wider at the northern end. Brightens with UHC filter. 12’ to the SW is

NGC 2452 PN in Puppis

175x 30” soft round glow with soft edges and no central star. 250x Looks brighter and harder at the SW edge, this is accentuated with UHC and OIII filters, which also show specks of brightness in SW pole.

NGC 2477 OC in Puppis

90X a stunning 20’ dia roughly circular splash of hundreds of faint stars of similar colour and magnitude with many intricate lines curves and asterisms, dark lanes and patches. In the finderscope, looks very like a GC. A line of bright stars trails of from the cluster to the NE and bright QZ Puppis is just to the SE. According to NSOG, 2477 is 1.3 Gyr old and quite evolved, has a mass of 14,500 suns and is 33 ly dia.

NGC 2451 OC in Puppis

90X About a dozen very bright stars spread across most of the 1 deg FOV, ranging from bluish-white to the very bright and yellow c Puppis, a K-type giant with the luminosity of 1,600 suns (NSOG). Slightly fainter stars are scattered throughout. This one looks better in 15x70 binoculars.

NGC 2440 PN in Puppis

250x Bright 1’ dia inner bluish disc contained by soft 2’x1.5’ halo elongated SW-NE. No central star, brightens with UHC but only the central part brightens with OIII.
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I think I'll give those a go next time I get the scope out, brilliant report Patrick
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