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Local Mayoral Palace

The previous Mayor here in Devonport got this building past the council, and construction is now complete. With a population of 27,000 people I do wonder about the effect on rates when the new Palace cost $250,000,000.
But his ego is big. So his building is big. In fact it is the largest building in town now, and dwarfs other 3 and 4 story buildings around it. But, it has good views, so that's good for the people. Isn't it?
Architecturally it is quite lovely, as you can see.
The Mayor is no longer the Mayor because he went on to the Jackie Lambie Party pollie ticket in the last senate election. Ms Lambie won her seat with 15,000 votes, and our Mayor garnered 230 votes because he's just that popular.
Ms Lambie was required to step down because of the recent issues surrounding birth certs, and etc., and our Mayor, Mr trustworthy, said he would take the seat and hand it back when her legal issues were cleared up. Can't believe there were any really. They let her serve two tours in the Aust Army after all.
But, Our ex-Mayor and new Senator Trustworthy has gone back on his word, because that's the kind of guy he is.
He spent the first 3 months begging the Libs OR Labor to take him in (because he needs money to fight the next election) which is a show of where his policies lay: he'll go anywhere someone will give him money. Lucky us.
So he is now the Spearhead of the Liberal Democrats in Tasmania, since they couldn't get anyone to represent them any election here, and Sen. Trustworthy needs help to keep his new well paying job and prestige.
I'm truly interested in the next Senate election to watch how this unfolds.
Meanwhile we have a lovely new building, and a $250M debt.
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