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Originally Posted by Jasp05 View Post
As far as light pollution filters go, which would be best for my current setup?

Bintel have 2 options listed. The Astronomik UHC or CLS Filter. (I would probably just get a clip in filter for now).

I believe the CLS filter would be better with a DSLR? Allows a slightly broader wavelength of light through the filter.

Anyone got experience with either of these filters and have some images taken with them as examples?

I'm thinking it may be worth the few hundred dollars on a light pollution filter and see if that makes a difference to my imaging from town. Hoping it may be enough to keep me happy for a while longer whilst keeping my bank account intact
I have both the CLS and UHC Clip in Filters from Astronomik. They can be misunderstood. The CLS needs quite a bit of colourbalancing with non–modded DSLR‘s. One could use custom whitebalance in software during postprocessing or on camera (photograph a white sheet of paper in daylight and tell the camera that it’s white. All subsequent images come out colour correct).
The CLS has near perfect colour balance on modded DSLR‘s. The CLS works really well in Sodium Vapour lit environments. But it can only reduce the effects of light pollution, not completely eliminate them. Meaning that you will see gradients when shooting towards the light dome of your town.The CLS is a really good LP killer in „traditional“ LP conditions. It won’t stand much of a chance in broad spectrum LED light polluted environments, but then again, what has a chance there?

The UHC filter is more a narrow band filter. It also has near perfect colour balance on modded DSLR‘s. The UHC cuts a lot more light frequencies and this will lead to stars without colour and galaxies are much harder to image (it’s really not the filter for galaxies or broadband imaging in general). I can say that the UHC was a massive improvement for my imaging of nebulae. Much better contrast and ability to image with the moon up.
The next best thing is the STC Dual narrowband filter.

Hope this helps a bit.
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