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DJT (David)
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FLI Kepler anyone?

Hmm...just tripped over this at Bintel

Thoughts? Specs seem very impressive

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Looks very similar (spec wise) as the QHY42.

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Perhaps it is the beginning of the end of CCDs reign in astrophotography. ASI1600 really was the start though.

I imagine over the next few years there will be a steady stream of CMOS sensors in astro cameras as the main manufacturers allow them to be sold for other uses than their digital cameras.

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ericwbenson (Eric)
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Almost nirvana...
The dark signal is 0.4 e-/sec at -20C, so the read noise problem has been replaced by a dark noise problem. This is okay for the intended market (microscopy mostly) where a 2-3 sec exposure is a long time to have to wait, and too long if you are studying dynamics.
But they don't have far to go, dropping the dark signal by a factor of ~10 would probably be enough to be read noise limited again. I wonder what the dark signal halving temperature is on these devices. Might be reachable in cooler climates.

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