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Old 15-11-2017, 10:49 AM
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Thank you all for your comments. I value them all.

Originally Posted by rally View Post
In line with your your last request

No !
No car involved

Base Freak maybe given your perceived lack of base
Head Banger more likely - medically verifiable - check for aneurisms and hematomas
What about plain Deaf or Deaf Head - obviously you cant hear too well

Hope I have complied with the intent of the thread !!
You wanted this to be about cars, didn't you. I can tell.

Originally Posted by el_draco View Post
You'll be bloody deaf to everything else as well if you don't stop assaulting your eardrums!
I think the horse has bolted. These days I'm pretty quiet overall.

Originally Posted by ZeroID View Post
Hmm, I have a Denon Amp poking into a surround sound system, 2 x 70 litre Polk Studio spkrs up front, a 40 litre centre , 2 x 50 litre back spkrs and a 12" Subbie. I can push them at 100% without clipping or any distortion at all.
Last time I did that I had noise control round in about 10 minutes. It is extremely loud but perfect. I haven't played it at anywhere near that volume for years but the reproduction is absolutely beautiful.
It's hard to imagine the sheer volume of sound your system produces.

Noise control?? Who are they? Over here complaining about noise before 11pm does nothing.

Originally Posted by jenchris View Post
Considering the content I'd say deaf mineral.
Prefer Moussorski for Pictures at an exhibition.
All minerals are deaf. You can distinguish them by habit, cleavage, density, streak etc but not audio response.

I love the original piano version; it's a stunning piece. The dynamics he conjures from a piano are amazing. Also really like the orchestration. But on a Friday arvo I'm likely to reach for something really old and familiar.

Originally Posted by gary View Post
So the closing words in Pictures is "Deaf is life"

To think I've misheard them for all these years ...
What are you doing on this rubbish thread?! Get back to educating the masses.

Originally Posted by Ausrock View Post
And damn, some people have good taste in music, some of my favourite bands being mentioned. Actually saw Ian Anderson a couple of years ago at the Opera House and will be there in March sitting side of stage for Robert Plant.
Thank you. Robert Plant in an opera house. How the world has changed.

Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
I really like going for long periods without an amp.
Even back playing acoustic guitar or practice on the electric and little sound it seemed you had to play some how better so when you got going with an amp it was just explosive.
More so with the little ciger box guitar. I play it mostly unamplified and even the little amp is not much up on none...but after a time like that and you plug in and adjust and play ..well I wish I could perform in public like that as I recon its great...anyways I enjoy it exclusively for me... only improvised blues but heck its uplifting.

Playing acoustic is where it's at. I have ambitions to become the worlds second worst octave mandolin player.

Originally Posted by JA View Post
Sounds good to me David . No insults here. There is something about rock concert / discotheque sound pressure levels that at times are just what you need. That percussive effect on the body is often what we crave and missing in headphones or when listened to at much lower levels. That coupled with the ear's non linear response with SPL, refer Fletcher-Munson Loudness contours is another reason we like it loud or louder - The frequency response/sensitivity of the ear becomes more linear as SPL increases. I used to use it (I'd just say "Fletcher-Munson") as an excuse to the folks to play the music loud, much to their "amazement".

Of course with longer exposure at higher SPL not so good, so we need to exercise care to avoid hearing damage or at the very least, reduce listener fatigue.


PS: In my other life I was/ am a music lover/audiophile or maybe the other way around.
Yes, we hear with more than our ears. I try to be quite conservative when listening through headphones as the SPL can be way higher than it feels. Partly it's lack of body percussion, partly the lack of reflected room sound and partly the (hopeful) lack of distortion.

I like 'Fletcher-Munson Loudness contours'. I'll store that term with 'Dunning–Kruger effect' - something I see far too often.

A few of my friends used to work on PAs for bands. There are guidlines about your total 24hr noise exposure. Basically, there is only so much noise you should hear each day. So if you listen to something loud you need to rest your ears afterwards. The trouble is that, at the SPL of a live venue you have about 15min exposure before you shouldn't hear anything else that day.

Originally Posted by Ausrock View Post
Two past "studies" that are potentially interesting are...........:

One studying the recorded frequency response of the same segment of music when recorded to both digital and analogue. Spectrograph pics attached.

Following on from this is the other, the results of a detailed study into brain activity when exposed to both analogue and digitally recorded music. The general conclusion was that above the audible hearing range which is ~ 20kHz and below, other bodily "systems" sense the higher frequencies and we have a "positive" reaction to these higher frequencies.
Interesting graphs. No idea how to read them, what they show or even which is which.

Originally Posted by DarkKnight View Post
Nah,you sound fairly normal to me, ...
You have no idea how worried you should be!!

Originally Posted by Boozlefoot View Post
Several suggestions come to mind, but it seems we are kindred spirits. Thankfully my relatively remote location is not only dark, but has the advantage of no close neighbours..................Roger Waters rips!
I wasn't worried about the neighbours. Inside, doors closed and most weren't even home.

Originally Posted by redbeard View Post
Rock n Roll

Turn it up!
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