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Canon 24mm f2.8 for wide

Am thinking of the above lens for w/f shots? For the price at 350 from dwi seems good value, a there any alternatives I should consider, I would use it for meteors & wide landscapes
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I'm not sure if that is wide enough on a crop sensor body for widefields.

The 24mm becomes 38.4mm on a non-full frame sensor. You might find it's not really wide enough.

But, I think that's as wide as it gets before treading into L-series glass in the 14mm range.

I can't remember if I had this lens or the 28mm f/2.8. I think it was the 28mm and it was quite faithful.

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Haitch is correct (as he usually is). But unless you want the whole Milky way in one go the 24 should be good.
The problem with the 14L is not just the cost but the utility. Even on an APS-C sensor, its going to be pretty wide.
If you can rent one from Teds or Michaels to try that might be a good path to see if you actually have a use for it other than widefield AP.
I believe Sigma offers a range of decent wide-angles in Canon mounts at about 1/2-2/3 the price, so thats another option.
For some reviews, check out: www.fredmiranda.com or www.photozone.de .

The latter is an excellent site as it reviews owner's donated lenses rather than cherry-picked examples. As a result, its also free from "I bought one" bias.
Happy snaps!
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I like the 28 2.8 more than the 24 2.8
For a crop sensor you can try a Sigma 20mm 1.8 stopped down to F2.8 or F4 it can be quite good for wide field images.
If a lens is not wide enough you can always stitch, aim for optical quality first.
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Thanks for the input, i don't think I'll get a sigma for now, I gabby been convinced to get diff, son will prob gonfor the 24.
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