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A Good Book and the Northern Lights

Hi all

Some time ago, around 2008 or 2009 I purchased a copy of "The 50 Best Sights In Astronomy and How To See Them" (Fred Schaaf) and I have really enjoyed ticking off the sights - well, some of them. I have tried to both observe and photo each Sight. I haven't been too fanatical, which is why it has taken 8 or 9 years to get to 37 of them.

But, I never thought I would get to see #5 - Northern Lights, or Aurora. BUT I HAVE!

My wife and I have just returned from a holiday to Norway, and we had 6 amazing nights when the Aurora were so bright and active that I could almost read a newspaper (except it was too damn cold to hold it).

I have seen a few posts here about the Aurora and felt quite envious. A truly unbelievable and awesome experience.

Good book for anyone who is interested.


(Now for a Solar Eclipse - #2)
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Hi Darrell,
Congratulations. Glad you lucked out on the combo of weather and auroral activity. 6 nights is a bit greedy. I spent 6 nights and thought I was lucky enough to see one bright auroral storm and one moderate storm 2 years ago in Norway. Fantastic sight.

Definitely go see a solar eclipse. I just saw my 13th

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