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Question for SBIG STF 8300 Color CCD


I'm kinda thinking this may be a question one would know, but personally I not sure about what is probably obvious to any SBIG CCD Users out there or someone with knowledge of this CCD Imager.

As I am looking at cooled CCD's for down the track, in which there are many to choose from.

One thing I would like to find out about this SBIG STF 8300 Color CCD with the 8300 off axis guider, is that I am guessing the OAG does not have a sensor of its own, and it works using the 8300 CCD Chip , ,

Therefore then, I assume this CCD Package can Only image or Only guide , , But Not do both at the same time ? would this be correct, if so, thats a shame, would not it be great if it can do both at the same time , , Maybe it does do both, im not sure ?

Can anyone confirm either way ?
Thanx , ,

Here is the Link : http://www.optcorp.com/sbig-stf-8300...-oag-8300.html
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You need an additional guide camera which is attached to the OAG. The SBIG ST-i would be the normal choice but you can probably use others. That's how you can guide and image at the same time.

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Cheers for that Rick, appreaciated muchly
This camera seems to have a lot going for it, Spec's and capableness !
Also, basically, as I understand, using 2x2, 3x3 etc binning allows Mono ability, therefore one can apply astro filters, eg, Lum, IR, OIII Ect, then apply them with a stack of Single shot Color images ?
A bit of reseach needed, so thanx again for your support !
CCD's is new for me, well, I've heard & read of various CCD imagers as you do here, but investigating them for possible purchase for one self is quite a task & a whole new kettle o fish
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Hi Bob.

I can only comment on the Stf8300 M, as that's the model I have, but from what I've read the mono version is more sensitive than the colour version but also more expensive once you take filters and filter wheel into consideration. My purchase was in three steps, camera, filter then the wheel. It broke the cost into three payments and worked out really well because of weather or full moon and experimenting with just Lum subs was good because it broke the learning curve into three as well.

To be honest I haven't had much experience with it either as it's been raining non stop for about the past 6 bloody weeks. My initial noodling with the camera was also about getting the spacers between the camera and my field flatter just right. I still don't have it perfect but I'm close.

To date I've only taken one complete LRGB image, I posted it in image section. It's an image of Omega Cen. It was my first attempt at LRGB processing so probably not a shing example of what the camera is capable of.

I was previously imaging with a 5DMKII, so full frame like the 6D. My first impression was how clean the image comes out, there is practically no noise other than hot pixels, but there are quite a lot of hot pixels. The noise from my 5DMKII was terrible. I always use to hear people saying that the noise on those cameras was really good even upto iso3200, at 800 on a summers night my noise was terrible so I'm quite pleased with the noise response on this camera.

The other thing is that it's a good deal more sensitive, 5 min sub is more like a7 or 8 min sum on the 5DMKII. I do miss the resoloution though, with the 5DMKII you zoom in for days and crop the image to combat vignetting or to narrow the filled of view. You can't zoom in much before the image starts look pixelated. No biggie though just means that I have to be a bit more picky when It comes to framing my image.

The camera can be used as an imager or a guider, not both at the same time. It has a guide port but only has a single chip. The OAG has a camera attachment on it for you insert a guide came and I've read of people using other guide cams other than the intended SBIG cam, but you will need to play around with the distance to chip to get focus. I'll go down this road some day, but not just yet. I just got married so don't particularly want to get divorced quite so soon.

All in all, I'm very happy with the camera, I just wish the weather woul clear so I can use the damn thing.

I don't think you'll be disappointed if you get one.

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