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RC8 and Meade F6.3 reducer


Just wondering if anyone is using Meade Series 4000 F6.3 reducer/field flattener with a GSO RC8? How well does the combination work? Or am I better off paying for the Astro Physics CCDT67?

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This might be a good start:


And, can you easily test the system?

And, the GSO focal reducer is very good for the price. It's also apparently a field flattener.
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Having owned an RC08 for 18 months (before selling it), and experienced the frustrations that brings, i can not see the point of putting a reducer on it. If you don't want the 1600mm focal length and prefer 1200 at a faster speed, why not just run a 10" f5 newt. It costs the same, give better resolution, and will be far easier to live with than the RC.
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I use the TS Optics CCD47
As far as I can tell its identical to the AP CCDT67 but costs less
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Thank you for the info.

Google was not helpful about the combination of Meade F6.3 reducer and RC8. I found only one comment that "it works".

I have decided to get the proven CCDT67 (or the cheaper clone) after reading that it will also work well with my f=600mm ED80. I wanted a larger field for some objects and was contemplating a reducer for a while. Two for the price of one

Glen, the reducer on the RC8 will give an OPTIONAL second (faster) focal length that is roughly half-way between my ED80 and RC8. It is also easier to step up the guiding from 600mm to 1200mm than jumping straight to 1600mm.
And arguably 10" f5 Newtonian is pushing the limits of EQ6, even the CF version.
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rc8, reducer

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