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What would you do??

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Old 20-09-2007, 06:46 PM
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acropolite (Phil)
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Your opinions please

I've been contemplating replacing my 20D with a 40D ever since the 40D's release. I would also like some better glass, particularly the EFS17-55 F2.8 IS lens that has recently been released.

That has all changed with the news that there is a new 5D model on the way. Given that replacement models generally hit the market at the same street price as the displaced models it's probable that the 5D2 will sell for somewhere between $3-$4K, and hopefully closer to the $3K mark.
There in lies the dilemma ; wait for the 5D2 (or whatever Canon finally decide to call it), or take the 40D and buy the EFS 17-55 lens. The 5D2 should, by all accounts (rumours), have all the niceties of the 40D along with a 16Mp full frame sensor. So there are several alternatives.

1. Stick with the 20D, until it's resale value has evaporated and buy the 17-55 IS Lens.

2. As above but buy the full frame compatible 24-105 L IS lens which is has the added advantage of being dust proof.

3. Buy nothing and wait to see how affordable the 5D2 is.

4. Buy the 40D and 17-55 F2.8 IS lens.

5. Buy the 40D and 24-105 L IS Lens.

At this stage I'm tempted to keep the 20D and go for the 24-105 L glass, then wait and hope the 5D2 is affordable.

What would you do???

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Old 20-09-2007, 07:01 PM
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I've heard the 17-55 IS is a beauty, but the dilemna is that it costs a heap of money for something that wont be useable with a full frame camera down the track.

The other consideration is the 24-105 is being offered as a 'kit lens' with the 5D so you can buy both together and perhaps save some money.

Personally, I'd wait and start saving those dollars

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Old 20-09-2007, 07:02 PM
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ballaratdragons (Ken)

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Originally Posted by acropolite View Post

What would you do???
Get excited when I finally get my 1st DSI image when this sky clears!

Sorry Phil, I know nothing about DSLR's. I thought the 20D was better than the 40D, shows how much I know.
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Old 20-09-2007, 07:10 PM
Alchemy (Clive)
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you could always wait for the 60d or perhaps the 70d, question is does the camera you have now meet your needs. if not update. there will always be a better and new toy tommorrow, thats how the economy runs.
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Old 21-09-2007, 02:26 PM
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rogerg (Roger)
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All depends on money really. If there's any chance you'll have enough cash for the 5D2 then you'd be better off getting that I'd think. Personally I wouldn't but the 40D is worth saving up for so would upgrade to that, if I wasn't saving up for something else
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Old 21-09-2007, 03:41 PM
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Astroman (Andrew Wall)

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Sell the lot and buy a modded Toucam

Nah I would wait and see the specs etc.. of the new 5D2.5 and a half. If you got the cash get the lens, sounds good, can always save up for the camera later.
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Old 21-09-2007, 03:51 PM
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ving (David)
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i'd sell the lot and get a nikon d3

of get the 5d2... you know you want to
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Old 21-09-2007, 09:48 PM

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i have the 17-55 2.8 IS, using it on my 30D, its definetly a fine lens, i wont be upgrading my camera for a long while - very pleased with what i have at the moment, may add a second hand 10-22 when i see a good price, though i use my macro lenses the most.

personally, i think that full frame camera's are over-rated, there arnt "huge" differences between a 1.6 crop and a full frame, they may have slightly lower noise and a larger photograph - but you can still perform the same tasks, with a 1.6 crop that will be extremely identifcal to what you get through a full frame.

all the canon DSLR's will give you awsome images, and the differences are quite minior, a full frame wont necessarily give you a better photograph, as some people have a delusion that it will.

i would think and focus on what you really need, unless you have lots and lots of money everywhere.

i dont consider the 5d models, though would rather more consider the 1D mark3 or 1Ds mark3, though i am very happy with what i have.
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Old 22-09-2007, 06:21 AM
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It really depends on what you mainly want to do with the camera. Mostly terrestial photography with a bit of astro or the reverse.
The main drawback of the 5D or any full frame camera is you have to put high quality lenses on them if you want the same quality at the corners as the 1.6 crop cameras have with nearly all lenses. Even then you will find that the faster F2.8 L zoom lenses are found wanting wide open.
The 24 to 105 F4L is sharp to the corners with my 5DH even with star fields. This is amazing considering it is a zoom so you wont regret buying it no matter what camera you use with it. The IS is also fantastic as you can get sharp images hand held down to a fifth of a second without any real care. This is only true for if your subject is not moving too fast.

I solved the dilemma you have by hanging on to my 20D for terrestial photography and using the 5DH mainly for astro. I do use the 5DH for terrestial when wide fields are very important.

There is no perfect camera or lens but these days they are all getting awful close.

So the only advice I can give is that you should consider what to purchase only by what you want to do. There will always be a camera with more bells and whistles just around the corner so use the one you have to its limits.

You can never go wrong by getting high quality lenses as they hold their second hand price far better than any camera body.

On a final note the most annoying term in all these equations is the $ !!!

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Old 22-09-2007, 07:58 AM
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acropolite (Phil)
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i think that full frame camera's are over-rated, there aren't "huge" differences between a 1.6 crop and a full frame,
I should add that I'm not chasing resolution.

I mostly use my 20D for terrestrial, so that won't change with any new camera and I'm more than happy with the performance and resolution of the 20D.

One thing that frustrates me with the current 1.6 crop factor is the wider Depth Of Field; DOF at any given focal length on a 1.6 crop camera is greater, I miss the effects of the narrower depth of field of my film SLR (they're still there just not as pronounced). Secondly, it's hard to get a decent wide angle for a 1.6 crop SLR. (17mm F/L on full frame is equivalent to 28mm on a 1.6 sensor)

Add to that the possibility (I believe certainty) that eventually 1.6 crop will disappear, then any investment in quality lenses will need to be future proof.

You can add dust proofing to the equation, Canon's L series lenses are dustproof, where as the others in the series are not.

The new features of the 40D (and hopefully the 5D replacement), particularly live focus and the fact that my current camera's resale value is evaporating rapidly, mean that the time for change is probably optimal.
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