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Ioptron skytracker + Shorttube 80?

because the ioptrons maximum weight capacity is 3.7kg,and a shorttube 80 + my eos 700d is 3 kg i was thinking i could put an orion shorttube 80 on it to get some extra reach compared to my 250mm lens, it is 2 degrees difference so it is pretty substantial. i was just thinking because i would like to be able to at least make out some smaller details, also my 250 lens has pretty crazy vignetting at the long end (55-250) and min apeture is f/5.6. also most of the larger objects will still fit, exepting l,s mc and rho oph.
:que stion:
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I used to put my PST+QHY5L-II on a Skytracker and it was ok but I'm sceptical you'll be able to do any kind of long exposure with the ST80 + 700d.

For example I can just get good 30-60 second exposures with my WO71 + A7s on a SW Star Adventurer and, while your scope and camera weigh less than mine, it's a much sturdier mount (and counterbalanced!) and a much larger FOV per pixel.

If it was me I'd probably just look for a nice second hand manual prime lens, which should be a lot better than your zoom. If you can get a Canon FD to EF adapter maybe you can get something like this. Or if you can get a Nikon ai lens to EF converter, like this, then you can get something like this.
I've used similar FD and Ai lenses, with basic adapters, on my A7s and they can be quite good - especially for the money.
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