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Clean your handset

Is your handset unresponsive or difficult to operate?

The key might be that it needs a clean...

I purchased a Meade LX90 secondhand recently & it is a wonderful telescope but, it has needed some tweaking & TLC to get it to operate properly.

With the aid of some online tutorials & guidance from members here on IIS I have managed to get it operating wonderfully, except, the Autostar handset required gorilla like presses of the keys to get it to operate.

After looking at some online tutorials, armed with a fine screwdriver, electrical contact cleaner & cotton buds I took the plunge. The soft key pad got a gentle wash in some warm soapy water to remove any dirt from the internal contact pads & the contacts & circuit board received a gentle clean with electrical contact cleaner & a cut down artists paint brush /cotton bud to remove any stubborn gunk.

The key thing is, do some research & then take some care & finally when you are done, make sure everything is thoroughly dry before putting it all back together.

My handset is now operating wonderfully, light presses of the keys elicit immediate responses, no gorilla presses required anymore.

It's worth doing, just take care & make sure everything is dry before you put it all back together.
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