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Old 29-08-2018, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemi View Post
Thanks Nick,

I think Iím reasonably polar aligned...mechanically, the polar routine gets the star bang in the middle of a cross hair EP.

Iíve setup using the SW WiFi adapter and iOS app. And the SynScan mobile ascom driver. So canít seem to find a PAE option. Nor will it give me sensible alignment Stars. In any case alignment is ok. (Do I need two telrads on my scope? One alignment star always puts the finder where no finder should ever go! This EQ stuff is a lot of hassle)

Sharp cap is up and running with a asi 294 on my c925 (currently at native FL), astrotortilla and Allstar plate solver loaded, and sharpcap solving and talking to mount...all via ascom and wireless.

The kicker you ask? Well any exposure of more than a few seconds gets star trailing! Got me beat so far! I know, I must not be polar aligned. But I canít be that far off! I could get longer exposures with my AZ evolution mount.

What do I try next folks?

All the best

May be a silly question but are you guiding? Star trailing may be a guiding issue also. If you are guiding and using PHD 2, you can run a routine called Guiding Assistant that can assess your polar alignment error.
My methodology is fairly simple. I use a Polemaster (best money I ever spent in astronomy IMHO). After setting up i check the view in the Polemaster. If I can see Sigma Octanis then I just use the Polemaster for alignment. If I cannot (usually a problem if setting up in a new location) then I fire up SynScan and run a 2 star alignment, then run the polar alignment tool. I don't get too finicky as my aim is only to improve my polar alignment to the point where the Polemaster can see Sigma.
If no other issues crop up the whole procedure takes no more than 10 mins.

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Old 29-08-2018, 02:14 AM
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More progress and minor achievements

....itís 2am! Up in a few hrs!

Hi Malcolm, Iím not guiding.
Hey Zuts, I canít see the pole to photo it.

I found the SW adapter that came with my Celestron star sense (had planned on eventually buying the az eq6) and set it up. Did an auto align using the HC. Sorted out the gotos.... ran the Celestron ASPA a couple of time (it must have still been out significantly from the SW PA routine). Found it a bit easier to use as you can use both manual axis (az and lat) to align the reference star. Ran it a couple of times and then realigned. Much better....I can now get roughly 60s unguided. No star trails.

Then I connected the Celestron HC to the PC (Mac parallels) and sharp cap recognized the az eq6 mount using the Celestron driver, all good with plate solving and mount redirection.

Finally I got sky safari for Mac talking to the mount using a mini usb to usb cable and a serial driver.

Thanks all

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